Refrigerant manufacturer Chemours has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Japan against Japanese chemical manufacturer AGC over the HFO refrigerant R1234yf. 

  制冷剂制造商科慕在日本就HFO制冷剂R1234yf 对日本化学品制造商AGC提起专利侵权诉讼。

  The lawsuit alleges infringement of Chemours’ patents covering HFO1234yf product compositions and usage in automotive air conditioning and stationary refrigeration applications in Japan. 


  Chemours and Honeywell hold most or all of the patents issued for HFO-1234yf, although some of these have been disputed and remain the subject of court actions. Honeywell has also taken a number of patent infringement actions in the past year in Europe.


  In a statement, Chemours says the action reaffirms its commitment to “vigorously defend” its investment in its Opteon brand low GWP refrigerants “and builds on its on-going efforts to stop the unlicensed manufacture, marketing, and sales of Opteon HFO1234yf (R1234yf) refrigerant by all legal means wherever that activity occurs around the world”.

  在一份声明中,科慕声称这次行动重申了其对Opteon品牌低GWP制冷剂投资“大力捍卫”的承诺,在其持续努力的基础上,科慕将通过一切合法手段阻止Opteon HFO1234yf (R1234yf)制冷剂在全球任何地方的无证生产、销售和销售。

  “Innovation and product development are at the core of who we are at Chemours,” said Diego Boeri, vice president of Chemours Fluorochemicals. “By protecting our innovation, we are also ensuring our customers have access to the safe and high-quality refrigerants that they have come to rely on from Chemours and the Opteon brand,” he added.

  “创新和产品开发是科慕的核心,”chemour氟化学部副总裁Diego Boeri说,“通过保护我们的创新,我们也确保我们的客户能够获得他们一直依赖的chemour和Opteon品牌的安全、高质量的制冷剂。”

  Based in Tokyo, AGC, formerly Asahi Glass Co, is a global glass manufacturing company with additional interests in electronics, chemicals, and ceramics.